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Is Your Business Standing Out and Impressing Potential Customers?

In the years we have been in the sign business we have made all sizes, shapes, and colors of signs. Number one question you need to ask yourself, is my sign bringing my business? Your sign will work as hard as you do to get the business in. We have a client that changes his business sign quarterly to draw attention. This is very effective but is not always needed.

People who travel by your sign every day tend to not notice it but changing it every once in a while will draw that attention back. It could be your shop windows being decorated or a banner hanging.

Houston Sign Company Fast Quality With Proven Results

We are the sign company that will work with you to accomplish your goals and bring proven signage and advertising to you. Not only are we a sign company but a full marketing and branding company. Other sign companies just sell sign products they either print or order, we actually manufacture our products.

We don’t care if we are doing local SEO for you or signs. You will be happy and be able to tell the difference. We want your brand to stand out from the competition!

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding and directional signage are what you need to guide your customers into your location. Wayfinding signs serve as much more than just that. You have been guided by this type of signage every time you leave the house! Traffic signs are a type of wayfinding signage.


Open for Business Signs or Grand Opening Signs

These are great signs to draw attention and get new clients in the door. We find that placing a grand opening sign in front of a new location is an economical way to draw business but many times brings lifelong relationships in.

Custom storefront windows help a lot. These are great for advertising your specials and holiday sales. They also make the areas beautiful and look alive.


Delivery Available To-Go Options Curbside Pickup Signs

With COVID hitting us the way it has, we have all gotten used to businesses offering to go, delivery, and curbside pickup options. This Houston sign company does not think these will go away in the near future. We can make you signs to advertise this service to your clients.


Houston Area Signage Tips

Your business signage is a very vital component to your brands success. Houston TX has many signs of all shapes and sizes. You want to stand out among all of these signs. It could be as simple as making your channel letters a different color than the rest in the area or so complex you go with an LED board. We are here to help you and work within your budget!

Know Your Budget

The sign budget is the most over looked budget ever! When businesses are being opened there is budgets for everything, but the signage. Price and life of the sign should always be considered. If you have a certain goal that needs to be obtained in your signage we are able to work towards that goal. Signs are often priced based on a number of key factors such as the size, the quality and longevity of the materials, and the actual complexity of the design. You want your sign to work as hard as you work for you!

Work with a Reputable Sign Company in Houston

You need to work with a Houston sign company that knows what they are doing. Sign Professionals (Signpros) know what is required to complete a job. You want great work and a solid on site installation with great prices. Sign Commanders is here and wanting to work with you. We are a full service marketing agency that will help you!

Design With A Demographic In Mind

When designing your sign keep in mind your target audience. You are wanting to attract a certain kind of client you have to market to that type of client. Your font has a lot to do with it, colors are important also. If you want a younger crowd you use brighter colors. Mature audiences appreciate more earth tones.

Always Consider Visibility

A good sign helps to draw attention to your business. The right combination of materials and colors is important to ensure effective results.

Contrasting and bright colors are perfect for all businesses and buildings. Solid filed backgrounds with neon writing stand out very well.

Custom business signs are great, but only as good as the Houston Sign Company that manufactured them. Not all sign shops are the same quality of work. Make sure that you get a completed estimate of your work before starting on the job.

Houston Sign Company

Sign Commanders is a small independent family owned and operated local sign shop to the Houston area. Our goal is to give you the best with the highest quality possible. Houston area businesses have used us for years. You will be very proud of your new sign. We want you happy, because we want you to refer your friends and fellow business owners to us!

Sign Commanders offers a large lineup of signage, here are just a few, outdoor signage, indoor signage, channel letter sign, and banners. We are your dedicated partner that wants to make your experience perfect!

houston sign company

Full-Service Sign Shop Houston TX

Sign Commanders is well known for the work we have preformed. We oversee every stage of the process, from permits to installation. As a full service sign shop we want to make sure you get what you have paid for highest quality possible at the best price savings. You will work hand in hand with our graphic designers to ensure you have a sign your and your employees are proud of!

Signage Solutions for Every Business Type

We have state of the art machinery. Our shop can handle any job, big or small. Our printers are maintained and serviced daily to ensure the highest quality print. We are a local Houston sign shop that is based out of the East side of Houston TX.

As a full service shop we offer a full range of custom made signs, but also other services like local SEO, photo and t shirts. We offer a full branding service to help you.

Our creative design team will help you right here in our Houston sign shop. Our staff is here to take care of all of the headaches for you. Your consolation is free! We want you to come in and see what we offer. We answer any questions regarding sign products, including outdoor signs, indoor signs, business signs, and custom signs.

To schedule a free no obligation consolation call 713-360-6675.

Exterior or Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signage must be impactful and bring people in. This is your business’s first impression. Outdoor signage should be the first place you start. This allows you to advertise your brand and stir interest. We offer several kinds of options we specialize in channel letters, digital lighted signage and LED displays. All of these can help you stand out from the rest of the competition!

Some of our outdoor signs but not all of them include:

Storefront Signs

Storefront signs off all kinds and shapes are custom made and designed right here at Sign Commanders To speak to someone about your storefront signage needs please give us a call at 713-360-6675.

Interior Signs or Indoor Signs

Indoor signs are very important they help to identify locations within your business. They can be special sales or office names the possibilities are endless. You can enhance your indoor building walls.

When you order signs from us we make the ordering process easy. no hard complicated paperwork or anything. You will have the say so in what happens to your design and build!

Custom Sign Houston Texas

So you need a custom sign in Houston TX? We have you covered with the best craftsmanship and materials available. When you receive your finished product, you will be very happy and under budget. We take our job very serious and want the community to be proud of our fantastic work!

The Sign Process

The very first thing we do is discuss your ideas and goals. It is highly recommended that you take a piece of paper and jot a few ideas down now. What kind of graphics you want on it and the message you want to send.

We Created a Four Step Process to Help With Creating Your Sign Project:

Free no Obligation sign Consolation:

This is where we get an idea of your sign needs and what you are expecting. We address any problems in manufacturing or permitting and ways to ease this. We want to know your exact goals at this step.

Custom Sign Design:

We provide you with a basic layout and sign design to ensure we are all on the same page. We want to help you promote your brand and help get the word out. We want your branding personality in your design to help build it. This will show customers/client you are professional with great services. There are thousands of companies in Texas but we want them to pick yours! The design portion of the sign is the most important part of any project.

Custom Sign Creation:

Once your design is approved we then start constructing it. Before we do anything we have you review the design and approve it before anything get started. This is to ensure we have the right color, dimensions and placement. Many new customers find our process is so much easier than other custom signage shops. We want you to know that we are a great company and are on your side thru the whole process! This is our best way to attract customers.

Expert Sign Installation:

The sign installation is the key to every successful sign. You also want a company that knows what to do. You don’t want the liability of your signage failing and hurting someone. Many sign companies in Houston TX do make signs but not all are sign experts or sign professionals (signpros). You will have a personal contact that you are able to go to for all questions. No keeping you in the dark. We create, fill your order and everything in house for you! No dealing with third party people hoping to get results.

For a Free No obligation Quote

To get your free sign quote call 713-360-6675 and tell us what you are looking for. We will give you a competitive quote, using the best possible materials. We are the most professionalism in the industry!